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Sheltering the Deep Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Shielding the Deep - Assignment Example Jessen underscores the need to shield exhausting marine environments from contamination and other human intercessions. She underscores the need to discover better approaches to secure these marine conditions, and bats for the idea of marine ensured regions, that have been fruitful in different pieces of the world. Despite the fact that she yields that marine secured regions are not the answer for all the issues; she urges the peruser to investigate the different species that exist in a biological system, and consider the cooperative relationship they share. Her endeavors are guided towards arousing the peruser to the rich social legacy of the area that jam early types of life on earth just as some remarkable vegetation, and the need to ensure it before it is past the point of no return. The author’s lingual authority passes on her affection for the fortunes in the profound. Her selection of words like â€Å"adorn the submerged cliffs† (185) to portray the submerged plants and creatures passes on the way that she thinks about these gems of the ocean. Jessen invokes striking word photos of the magnificence of nature’s abundance. Her utilization of analogies like â€Å"perched off the southern tip of Vancouver Island† (185) evokes an image of a winged creature, prepared to take off at the merest trace of peril. Jessen’s broad utilization of similar sounding word usage to portray nature’s excellence gives a practically idyllic quality to the piece. At the point when the writer depicts â€Å"other marine mammals† that â€Å"frequent the waters foraging† (185); or her depiction of â€Å"soaring dividers and dynamite scenery† (187) of the inlets of Baffin, upgrades the stylish intrigue of the article. Her utili zation of melodiousness as in â€Å"speckled trout produce in the shallow bays†, (186) gives an amicable smoothness to the piece that is both satisfying to the ear just as passing on the agreeable idea of a biological system. Jessen’s utilization of indication when she portrays the destiny of antiquated sailors set in opposition to the â€Å"treacherous waters and notable anger of Lake

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An overview of Qantas Group Business Practices Essay

Official Summary This report is commission to break down the exercises of the Qantas Group and principle hazards that Qantas needs to confront. Through dissecting the elements that may influence the benefit of the enterprise, various subsidiaries that Qantas Group can use to fence the dangers are talked about and the points of interest and disservices of these subordinates are given. As a recorded organization, Qantas Group centers around giving carrier administrations both in local and universal markets. During day by day tasks, input value hazard, remote trade hazard and stock value chance are the fundamental dangers that the organization needs to utilize various subordinates to control. In view of investigation, it is proposed that these dangers could be supported by utilizing alternatives and forward agreements individually and explicit reasons are given to exhibit the attainability of these subsidiaries. Through supporting, it is accepted that the dangers of Qantas confronting today could be bet ter controlled later on. 1.1 Activity Description Qantas Airways Limited is Australia’s number one carrier, which interfaces Australia to 81 goals in 40 different nations worldwide and works broad local administrations in both Australia and New Zealand (Qantas Airways Limited 2011). Its fundamental business is the ‘transportation of travelers utilizing two integral carriers, Qantas and Jetstar, working global, household and territorial services’ (Qantas Airways Limited 2011). Notwithstanding aircraft marks, the Qantas Group works various related exercises to widen its arrangement of organizations and ventures, for example, Qantas Frequent Flyer and Qantas Freight Enterprises. With the expanding rivalry in the carrier business, Qantas Group keeps on dealing with its vital, budgetary and operational dangers, regard the privileges of investors, present new innovation that upgrade the client encounter and give more wellbeing administration (Qantas Airways Limited 2011). As per the 2011 yearly report, Qantas had endured a few noteworthy climate occasions and cataclysmic events during the year. Henceforth, Qantas now attempts to control the potential dangers and recuperate the airfreight showcase through improving its joint endeavor concurrences with both residential and worldwide airfreight arrange. 1.2 Main dangers As a recorded national aircraft organization which possesses inexact 65% Australian local piece of the pie and 18% universal piece of the pie (Qan tas survey 2012), Qantas faces different dangers during its every day activities, for the most part including inputâ price dangers, outside trade hazard and stock value chance. The information value hazard alludes to the unpredictable in the costs of sources of info which may affect a company’s money related outcome (Harper 2010). As a carrier organization, Qantas vigorously relies upon the fly fuel to help its typical business activity. For example, it acquired 3,684 and 4,329 million dollars of fuel costs in 2011 and 2012, independently (Qantas Airways Limited 2012), which drives the organization to be essentially delicate to the value vacillations in the stream powers. As an ascent in the fuel cost may generally build the expenses of flight administrations while a decrease in input cost would spare expenses interestingly, it might additionally impact the ticket costs and deals volume in its business. At the end of the day, it opens Qantas to the information value hazard to a relative elevated level. The outside trade chance is the money related danger of a presentation to startling trade rates between monetary forms, which may have either a positive or negative effect on a company’s budgetary position and execution (Harper 2010). Other than the residential goals, Qantas likewise serves universal flights and has created codeshare connections and joint help concurrences with numerous remote carrier organizati ons everywhere throughout the world (Ports and Relationships 2012). It shows that Qantas needs to confront the money related hazard in the unexpected cash trade rates between Australian dollar and different outside monetary standards as far as deals, costs, costs and ventures. As a recorded organization on the ASX, Qantas additionally goes up against the stock value chance, as the progressions and changes in its stock cost may essentially affect the entity’s budgetary position and shareholders’ riches. For the most part the stock cost is impacted by both the macroeconomic patterns and the enterprise explicit elements. For example, the worldwide economy downturn may affect the budgetary circumstance in all enterprises including aircrafts, which would bring about the decrease in every single stock cost in the securities exchange; while some organization explicit factors just impact the certain company’s stock cost, for example, the climate factors endured by Qantas which influence its administrations and money related execution may explicitly affect the feed cost of Qantas. As clarified by Harper (2010), numerous organizations create techniques to fence chances by embracing certain subsidiaries. Qantas can pick appropriate subordinates, for example, prospects and choices to help with decreasing the dangers referenced above to a sensible level. Supporting information value hazard by utilizing choices Hedging through optionsâ could diminish the hazard from potential future market developments (Hull 2011). On account of the incredible arrangement of stream fuel expending, the value changes in inputs (fuel) are critical to Qantas (Investopedia 2012). Qantas fences against the cost increment of fly fuel (raw petroleum and fly lamp oil) to wipe out the potential hazard. Qantas held the supporting utilizing choices, which is exchanged on the Australian protections trade, of future avionics fuel buys by raw petroleum and fly lamp oil subordinate agreements in 2012 (Qantas Airways Limited 2012). Qantas utilizes choices on unrefined petroleum and fly lamp oil to support presentation to fuel value developments. As per Qantas approach, up to 80% of the assessed fuel utilization out to a year and up to 40% in the ensuing a year could be supported. Some other supporting outside the parameters must be endorsed by the Qantas Board. 58% (2012) and 53% (2011) of the evaluated fuel presentation short of what one year have been supported. Likewise, 6% (2012) and 9% (2011) of the assessed fuel exposures over one year yet under three years have been supported. The net increase from future avionics fuel installments short of what one year is less $11 million (2012) and $130 million (2011) (See Appendix 2.1.1) (Qantas Airways Limited 2012). Preferences and drawbacks: The bit of leeway related with the supporting system is that it decreases the potential fuel value development dangers. Qantas aviation route, which gives aircraft administrations to clients, has no specific aptitudes in anticipating changes, fuel cost for instance (Hull 2011). Supporting the dangers related with these potential expanding factors could be valuable. Qantas could put more concentrate on the fundamental business exercises by maintaining a strategic distance from disagreeable dangers through supporting (Hull 2011). Be that as it may, there are a few confinements inside the supporting technique. In the first place, serious weights inside the carrier business could bring about the variance of expenses of crude materials. Subsequently, organizations without supporting technique can have consistent overall revenues, and organizations which have embraced supporting methodologies to diminish potential dangers may have f luctuating net revenues (Hull 2011). Second, Bakshi and Kapadia (2003) contended that there could be a market cost for the introduction to instability vulnerabilities when the normal unpredictability isn't steady. The fuel cost could encounter expanding or diminishing in the evaluated timeframe, so the supporting utilizing alternatives could bring lost the forthright payment.2.2 Hedging outside trade chance by utilizing forward agreements The essential rule of supporting remote exchangeâ risk is to trade the cash when swapping scale is good, and afterward contribute money which is local to the nation of source. The reason for this methodology is to forestall a financial misfortune by protecting the speculator against cash conversion standard variance (Sayali Bedekar Patil 2012). Forward agreements are generally used to bolt the receipts and installments in a fixed swapping scale. It offers strength to both the receipts and installments. In Australia numerous banks give forward rate as a help to clients. By going into a forward agreement with a bank, the Qantas can just exchange the hazard to the bank, which will presently need to endure. For this situation, Qantas estimates the swapping scale could change and end with a potential deterioration of USD. Qantas then can go into a short advances contract with a bank to fix the conversion scale decrease the outside money chance. FXStreet site (2012) contains data on spot and forward statements for the AUD/USD swapping scale, Dec 24, 2012. (See Appendix 2.2.1) By going into the advances contract utilizing advances, Qantas is ensured of a conversion standard of AUD 1.0375 per USD later on independent of the spot swapping scale in a quarter of a year. On the off chance that USD were really deteriorated in a quarter of a year, Qantas would fence the hazard. In any case, if it somehow happened to acknowledge, at that point Qantas would need to forego positive development and subsequently bear suggested misfortunes. Points of interest and impediments: Forward agreement is an administration strategy to decrease, relieve and dispose of dangers. The exchanges are over the counter without guideline, so the two gatherings (purchaser and merchant) can arrange that they commonly concur in any terms, for example, the basic resource, timing, area, sum and sort of exchange. The agreements are described in adaptability, they are not settled until the predetermined date so there is no underlying forthright installment required, in addition, there is no commission paid on the exchange (Khalid, Mohammed, Abdul and Hisham 2011). Then again, the agreements are frequently illiquid, on the grounds that a forward agreement is generally intended to address explicit issues. The purchaser may think that its hard to offer the situation to an outsider in light of its particularity. In addition, the acknowledge hazard exists as the clearinghouse doesn't ensure the

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UGA Decision Dates for 2019 - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

UGA Decision Dates for 2019 - UGA Undergraduate Admissions UGA Decision Dates for 2019 The final two decision dates for UGA freshman applicants are now set (unless some major issue impacts our office), and the smaller February wave of decisions will be released on Friday, February 8, while the final decisions in March will be released on Friday, March 15. In addition, transfer decisions will begin being released on Friday, March 1. Decisions are all released in the late afternoon, but I do not have an exact time (so dont ask me for one). February Decisions UGA will offer admission to just around 2,000 freshman applicants on Friday, February 8. This group of decisions is made up of only offers of admission, and if you were admitted, you will be able to see the decision on your Admission Status page (so only admitted students will see a decision change on their status page) and these admits will receive an email communication. Additionally, an admissions packet will be sent out in the mail the following week. Our office is too busy reviewing files for me to run any mid-range academic averages at this time, but the academic information should be very similar to the Early Action admitted students (it will not be exactly the same, as we had a large number of EA admits who were applying for our top scholarships, which slightly skews EA stats a little higher). My earlier blog post about Early Action decisions gives you more insight into the academic strength of this range of student. As we did in the November Early Action o ffers of admission, there will be some scholarship offers in this group, and those who have received them will see it on the status page. We will continue to offer scholarships through late March, so please be patient as we do these reviews.These admitted freshman, made up of mostly Regular Decision applicants, met the stringent academic criteria of Early Action admission that we used with our much larger wave of November admission offers.Do not panic if you are not admitted with the February group. We are still very much in the midst of carefully reviewing documents and data on a great many more files, and there are still lots of decisions to make. March Final Decisions On Friday, March 15, all final freshman decisions will be released. There will be three decision groups (Admit, Deny and Wait-List), and I will try to post some information on all three of these decisions during the week leading up to the final decision release. We will also have a small group of freshman that we will admit for the Spring 2020 term. We are still deep in the holistic read process, and I do not have any numbers on how many final admits we will make, what the statistics will look like overall, or how many students will be put on the wait-list. When we do release final decisions, I will have statistics on the overall applicant pool and admitted group the following week, but not broken out into the different release dates. After we make final decisions, we will continue to offer scholarships through late March, so please be patient as we do these reviews as well. Thank you for your patience during this review process. Transfer Applicants We have begun reviewing the Summer and Fall transfer applicants, and we will release the first group of transfer decisions on Friday, March 1. We will then continue to release transfer decisions every Friday. All applicants with a decision will receive an email alerting them to a change in their status, so you do not need to constantly check your admission status page. We generally review transfer applicants by term first (so summer decisions before fall if possible), and then roughly by the date the file becomes complete. This is not exact, as some transfer files are more complicated than others to review. As such, please do not compare application date to release dates with others, as it might vary due to other factors (included days when several hundred applications were received/completed). Go Dawgs!

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Personal Statement My Mexican American Culture - 1625 Words

All cultures are different and influence how we develop as adults. In my Mexican American culture many virtues of strength, courage, and hope has been passed on. Growing up in an environment where financial hardship prevailed I was still able to observe how my parents had hopeful attitudes, loved, had patience, and kindness toward others. Our strong family unity brought me comfort and confidence in knowing I had their support and guidance. The qualities my family passed on to me are hope, love, patience, kindness, respect, caring, and most significant being helpful. Culture and family engraved in my thoughts that hard work pays off and to uncover meaning in life one must persevere in education and thrive to support those struggling. Life has given me the opportunities to practice many qualities and I’ve learned they are to cherish. They have molded my character somewhat in that, as the years passed, I adapted and applied them. My intent is to keep the principles imparted to me and with a positive attitude, carry myself with might and bravery as I travel forward in life. What became evident in my life, were the snowball effect consequences that come with making good or bad choices. Due to this, I arrived to the realization that helping others is principal for all to do. In my opinion, helping others is like guiding and counseling them consciously like a counselor. When family would support me with a difficult situation, I was advised and able to transcend. Everyone willShow MoreRelatedMulticulturalism Essay1487 Words   |  6 PagesAccording to Carl R. Rogers, â€Å"The only way to understand another culture is to assume the frame of reference of that culture,† a statement that could not be further from the truth, since it is something constantly expressed through centuries of multicultural works. Multiculturalism is all about featuring characters and themes from countries around the world. In terms of literature, writers of all kinds of different ethnic backgrounds such as David Henry Hwang, Luis Valdez, and Harriet Jacobs expressRead MoreLanguage Is More Violent Than War?1426 Words   |  6 Pagesthis struggle with my identity because I am Mexican and American. I grew up speaking Spanish and English, and was always being policed on what language I was allowed to speak. If I was with my parents they only wanted me to speak in Spanish and when I was at school I was actually forced to only speak English. Gloria Anzaldua writes about the struggles Mexican Americans have in America within our own community and within the â€Å"American† standards. Langue is a part of our culture it’s how we begin toRead MoreMy Family As A Multi Cultural Community1290 Words   |  6 PagesWhen my mother got married to my Stepfather my family’s life was transformed tremendously. My siblings and I went from living in a low-class poor neighborhood raised by a single Mother, to living in a two parent household in a diverse mid dle-class community. Adapting to a multi-cultural community sent us into a culture shock and was quite challenging. Our family was not accustomed to residing in an area where ethnic minorities was the lowest percentage of the population. My siblings and I had beenRead MoreForging A New Vision Of America s Melting Pot1657 Words   |  7 Pages In Forging a New Vision of America s Melting Pot by Gregory Rodriguez the author expresses support for a heavy Mexican influence in the United States and integration of races. The author made some points about how legislatures have tried to stop Mexicans from entering the country and have repeatedly tried to keep them down as second class citizens. It seems that he wants Mexicans to have more influence in mainstream media, but I feel as if he s pushing it too strong. I m all for equality, butRead MoreMy History Not Yours1506 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Victims of American Westward Expansion†¦Accommodation or Resistance?† When viewing a map of the country of Mexico prior to the American westward expansion, it was actually larger than the United States had been at that time. Some lands that Mexico lost in the Mexican - American war under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, are Texas (the second largest state in the present US), California (the third largest state in the present US) and New Mexico (the fifth largest state in the present US). DueRead MoreAn Analysis Of Ruth Gomberg Munoz s Labor And Legality : An Ethnography Of A Mexican Immigrant Network1444 Words   |  6 PagesEtic and Emic Analysis of Culture In Ruth Gomberg-Muà ±oz’s book, Labor and Legality: An Ethnography of a Mexican Immigrant Network, she allows us to enter the everyday lives of ten undocumented Mexican workers all living in the Chicago area. Ruth Gomberg-Muà ±oz refers to Chuy, Alejandro, Leonardo, Luis, Manuel, Omar, Rene, Roberto, Lalo, and Albert the ten undocumented Mexicans as the â€Å"Lions†. This book shares the Lions many stories from, their daily struggle of living as an undocumented immigrantRead MoreHunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez: Book Critique1725 Words   |  7 PagesMemory,† shows the author’s smart way of writing an autobiography. The book is conformed in six well explained essays of Rodriguez’s life placed together, all in order to show the reader the different outcomes during his life as a middle class Mexican-American. The author wrote this autobiography on 1982, in where he explains the moments that he and his family went by during their immigration ins ide the United States. Richard Rodriguez started attending a Roman Catholic elementary school with a simpleRead MoreSafety Or Opportunity? By Donald Trump1715 Words   |  7 Pagesthere are more than 11.7 million Mexican immigrants in the United States (â€Å"Mexican Immigrants in the United States†, 2016) who are potentially faced with this question. With this prominent concern, a plethora of news articles such as: â€Å"Stay Calm† Mexico Tells Immigrants Living in the US an article informing the audience of the actions taken by the United States and Mexican government, America or Mexico? An Agonizing Decision, a personal anecdote of an American-Mexican family, and Mexico is the UnitedRead More Diversity and the American National Identity Essays1637 Words   |  7 PagesDiversity and the American National Identity Greed is good, get get get, I want what you have, dont touch mine. This is what a friend of mine said when I asked for his conception of the American national identity is.1 Although this statement seems informal and absurd, it accurately reflects the dog-eat-dog world many people believe to be the American capitalist culture.2 Whether my friend said this with the intent of comic relief is inconsequential. Whether he knew it, the informant reflectsRead MoreEssay about Chicano Nationalism1631 Words   |  7 Pagesthe American Heritage Dictionary , is â€Å"a Mexican-American†. Nationalism, as defined by the same publication, is â€Å"devotion to the interests or particular culture of a particular nation†. So by definition, we can infer that Chicano Nationalism is an interest in either the Mexican or American culture by a Mexican American, which is not a very concise definition. Before we can begin to define Chicano Nationalism, we must first define what is it to be a Chi cano. In it’s simplest form, the American Heritage

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Definition and examples of Alphabet

An alphabet is made up of the letters of a language, arranged in the order fixed by custom. Adjective: alphabetic. The basic principle of alphabetic writing is to represent a single sound (or phoneme) of a spoken language by a single letter. But as Johanna Drucker notes in The Alphabetic Labyrinth (1995), This phonetic writing system is at best an approximation. The orthography of English, for instance, is notoriously plagued by inconsistencies and peculiarities. The First Alphabet In about 1500 B.C., the worlds first alphabet appeared among the Semites in Canaan. It featured a limited number of abstract symbols (at one point thirty-two, later reduced to twenty-two) out of which most of the sounds of speech could be represented. The Old Testament was written in a version of this alphabet. All the worlds alphabets descend from it. After the Phoenicians (or early Canaanites) brought the Semitic alphabet to Greece, an addition was made that allowed the sounds of speech to be represented less ambiguously: vowels. The oldest surviving example of the Greek alphabet dates from about 750 B.C. This is, via Latin and give or take a few letters or accents, the alphabet in which this book is written. It has never been improved upon. (Mitchell Stephens, The Rise of the Image, the Fall of the Word. Oxford University Press, 1998) The Greek Alphabet [T]he Greek alphabet was the first whose letters recorded every significant sound element in a spoken language in a one-to-one correspondence, give or take a few diphthongs. In ancient Greece, if you knew how to pronounce a word, you knew how to spell it, and you could sound out almost any word you saw, even if youd never heard it before. Children learned to read and write Greek in about three years, somewhat faster than modern children learn English, whose alphabet is more ambiguous. (Caleb Crain, Twilight of the Books. The New Yorker, Dec. 24 31, 2007)The Greek alphabet ... is a piece of explosive technology, revolutionary in its effects on human culture, in a way not precisely shared by any other invention. (Eric Havelock, The Literate Revolution in Greece and Its Cultural Consequences. Princeton University Press, 1981) While the alphabet is phonetic in nature, this is not true of all other written languages. Writing systems ... may also be logographic, in which case the written sign represents a single word, or ideographic, in which ideas or concepts are represented directly in the form of glyphs or characters. (Johanna Drucker, The Alphabetic Labyrinth. Thames, 1995) Two Alphabets English has had two different alphabets. Prior to the Christianization of England, the little writing that was done in English was in an alphabet called the futhore or runic alphabet. The futhore was originally developed by Germanic tribes on the Continent and probably was based on Etruscan or early Italic versions of the Greek alphabet. Its association with magic is suggested by its name, the runic alphabet, and the term used to designate a character or letter, rune. In Old English, the word run meant not only runic character, but also mystery, secret.As a by-product of the Christianization of England in the sixth and seventh centuries, the English received the Latin alphabet. (C.M. Millward, A Biography of the English Language, 2nd ed. Harcourt Brace, 1996) The Dual Alphabet The dual alphabet--the combination of capital letters and small letters in a single system--is first found in a form of writing named after Emperor Charlemagne (742-814), Carolingian minuscule. It was widely acclaimed for its clarity and attractiveness, and exercised great influence on subsequent handwriting styles throughout Europe. (David Crystal, How Language Works. Overlook, 2005) The Alphabet in an Early English Dictionary If thou be desirous (gentle Reader) rightly and readily to understand, and to profit by this Table, and such like, then thou must learne the Alphabet, to wit, the order of the Letters as they stand, perfectly without book, and where every Letter standeth: as b near the beginning, n about the middest, and t toward the end. (Robert Cawdrey, A Table Alphabetical, 1604) The Lighter Side of the Alphabet Educational television ... can only lead to unreasonable disappointment when your child discovers that the letters of the alphabet do not leap up out of books and dance around with royal-blue chickens. (Fran Lebowitz) Writers spend three years rearranging 26 letters of the alphabet. Its enough to make you lose your mind day by day. (attributed to Richard Price)Dr. Bob Niedorf: Name as many mammals as you can in 60 seconds. Ready? Go.George Malley: Hmm. 60 seconds. Well, how would you like that? How about alphabetical? Aardvark, baboon, caribou, dolphin, eohippus, fox, gorilla, hyena, ibex, jackal, kangaroo, lion, marmoset, Newfoundland, ocelot, panda, rat, sloth, tiger, unicorn, varmint, whale, yak, zebra. Now varmint is a stretch; so is Newfoundland (thats a dog breed); unicorn is mythical; eohippus is prehistoric. But you werent being very specific, now, were you, Bob?Dr. Bob Niedorf: Well! Ahh, Ill, uh--Ill try to be more specific.(Brent Spiner and John Travolta, Phenomenon, 1996) EtymologyFrom the Greek,  alpha  Ã‚  beta Pronunciation: AL-fa-BET

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The Crucible Comparison Free Essays

Katelyn Mittler 10/4/12 4th hour Hegemony through Terror Lost, terrified, and not in control of their own thoughts, Mary Warren and Shawn Hornbeck strive for the life they once lived. In 1692, The Crucible character, Mary Warren comes under the control of foil character, Abigail Williams. In a similar, more recent story, Shawn Hornbeck’s normal life of video games, hanging out with friends, and dirt biking, is ripped away from him with Michael Devlin forcefully kidnaps him with the intent of murder. We will write a custom essay sample on The Crucible Comparison or any similar topic only for you Order Now Everyday coerced by their fear, constantly reminded death reigns imminent. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, character Mary Warren, threatened by Abigail Williams not to release they are pretending, lives a lie; just as missing child, Shawn Hornbeck, manipulated by Michael Devlin, cannot release his true identity. Falling into great peer pressure while facing threats from Abigail, Mary makes the courageous decision to tell the truth, but Abigail strengthens her grip and the truth crumbles. Mary knows the girls are lying but struggles with the imminent threats from Abby in her rebuke to Proctor, â€Å"She’ll kill me for sayin’ that! (Miller 80). Mary gets this idea from the death threat imposed on her by Abby â€Å"and mark this. Let either of you breathe a word or the edge of a word, about the other things, and I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you† (20). Abigail scares not just Mary, but all the girls with threats. After trying to tell the truth, Mary suc cumbs to the torment of Abby. â€Å"Abby, Abby, I’ll never hurt you more† (119). The â€Å"pointy reckoning† that Abigail threatens Mary with does its justice and Mary morphs back into a powerless silenced girl. Similarly, from Shawn’s abduction on October 6th 2002 to his discovery on January 12th 2007, Devlin forces Shawn into living a lie. Shawn spares himself from the wrath of Devlin as he remains powerless in a glass case of emotions. â€Å"From day one he had the gun, he had the power. I was powerless and there was nothing I could physically do† (Kidnapped: Shawn Hornbeck). Devlin holds all of the power, leaving Shawn unable to even think clearly. According to Shawn’s stepdad, Craig Akers, â€Å"Devlin’s control over Shawn was complete and total† (Kidnapped: Craig Akers). Through Devlin’s â€Å"complete and total control,† Shawn makes what his parents call â€Å"A deal with the devil† to save his own life. â€Å"Shawn told the defendant that he would do whatever he wanted him to if he didn’t kill him† (Kidnapped: Akers). â€Å"Devlin agreed not to kill Shawn as long as he made what we called ‘a deal with the devil’. He could never contact anyone, never try to run. And if he did he would be killed† (Kidnapped: Akers). This â€Å"deal with the devil† results in Shawn living a lie. â€Å"Shawn became Shawn Devlin and for the next four and a half years the deal he made that day left him tied to his tormentor†(Kidnapped: Sheriff Gary Toelke). The haunting agreements made that day leaves Shawn trapped in a world of terror only known by few. Mary Warren and Shawn Hornbeck are under what psychologists call â€Å"control by terror†. Living a lie, both are coerced into deciding between saving themselves by staying in this lie or to reveal the truth and face the forever imminent death threats. Mary and Shawn fear if they release the truth, they will be killed. Through this fear, Shawn and Mary start to believe their fake stories. Mary believes the girls are doing God’s work, and Shawn starts accepting the harsh reality of being Shawn Devlin. Mary and Shawn predicaments are not predestined; they are, as Devlin says when he first grabs Shawn, â€Å"you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time†. Mary’s â€Å"wrong place† starts with her dancing in the woods. Shawn’s begins with taking the shortcut road to a friend’s house. Eventually, Mary gives up and gives in. she succumbs to Abby, becoming the person she never intended. On a brighter note, even though he accepts Shawn Devlin as his new identity, Shawn never gives up hope. Shawn knows his family is still seeking his safe return and makes some efforts to discreetly contact them. On the day the police find Shawn, a huge weight liftes off his shoulders. He says, â€Å"It was a new feeling to say who I really was. † Shawn starts slowly back into his old set of norms. Mary and Shawn lose their personal identities to save themselves, each take a different route in trying to rediscover them. Through further investigation, it is evident that Mary Warren and Shawn Hornbeck encounter the same feelings of terror but are also uniquely different from each other. They fear for their lives as they struggle internally with revealing the truth or living with the guilt and constant terror behind the lies. Shawn and Mary both encounter numerous times when opportunities to tell the truth stands right in front of them; however, struck by fear they remain silent. Though Mary’s story does not result in a sugar-coated ending, Shawn’s story of torment and terror leads to triumph and a truly heart-warming story. Shawn teaches everyone to never give up hope and that you will always find your way back home, Mary’s story teaches a valuable life lesson to stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone. Though Shawn and Mary encountered horrific events, they are truly two people (fictional or not) who show evident and inspirational life lessons. 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Joseph Haydn Essays - Joseph Haydn, Mathias Haydn, Rohrau, Austria

Joseph Haydn Joseph Haydn was without a doubt one of the greatest composers of his day. He was loved very much as both a man and a musician, and unlike many other composers when he died in 1809. he was one of the most celebrated composers in the world. Haydn once said, Young people can see from my example that something can still come from nothing, but what I am is the result of dire necessity. And it was very true. The story of Haydn was a classic story of rags to riches. His father, Mathias Haydn (1699-1763), was a wheelwright who after traveling through Germany settled in Rohrau, a village in Austria near the border of Hungary. A year later, Mathias married Anna Maria Koller (1707-1754), and on April 1, 1732, Franz Joseph Haydn was born. He was the eldest of twelve children, six of whom never lived past infancy. They lived in a quiet, modest home, which was always kept neat and tidy. Music played a big role in the Haydn home. Mathias, through years of travel, learned how to play the harp and would come home after work and practice. He and his wife would sing Austrian folk songs along to the music, and the children quickly caught on. This was a nightly ritual and one night a distant cousin named Johann Mathias Franck visited the Haydn family in Rohrau. Franck was the school rector from Haimburg and was responsible for the music there. When he saw the family singing after dinner, he took particular notice to the young Joseph Haydn who was strumming his arm with a stick, pretending he was playing the violin. It was clear that Joseph had a natural talent for music, since he kept time and pitch perfectly without ever having any musical training. As a result, Franck offered to take Joseph back to Haimburg with him and give him an education in music, which would most definitely lead him to becoming a clergyman. Because his parents had a great deal of respect for the clergy, they jumped at the opportunity, and when he was only six years old he left for Haimburg. There he was under a very strict schedule which included lessons in reading, writing, and catechism, followed by Mass in the church, and of course instruction in singing and playing almost all wind and string instruments. Joseph also learned to play the timpani, and did so in a Holy Week procession. He had a deep love for music and was very grateful for his stay at Haimburg. He once said, I shall owe it to that man [Franck] even in my grave that he taught me so many things, though in the process I have received more thrashings than food. In 1740, Karl Georg Reutter, the music director of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna came to Hainburg in search of new, young boys to replace the older ones whose voices broke. Haydn was immediately recommended, and after singing a few pieces for Reutter, the badly nourished boy was taken in as a new student to the Choir School at St. Stephen's Cathedral, where he would remain for the next nine years. Haydn loved Vienna and was impressed greatly by all the fine music surrounding the city. his life in the Cathedral was hard, however, and the schedule once again was rigorous. There were lessons in Latin, math, and all the academic studies, as well as classes in singing, violin, and percussion. However, there was no teaching of composition or theory, and Haydn often claimed that he never had a proper teacher. As a matter of fact, it was often the older boys teaching the younger boys. This meant Joseph was often the teacher of his younger brother, Michael, who joined the choir a few years later. His other brother, Johann Evangelist, also joined the choir and together the boys had a great time. There were many concerts outside the cathedral, which were looked forward to with great excitement. This was because the amount of food at the Cathedral was very limited and during concerts the boys were often treated to fine meals. All of the fun soon ended when Haydn's voice broke and he